Revisão das Técnicas para a Assimilação do Espectro Direcional Bi-Dimensional em Modelos de Ondas

Nelson Violante Carvalho, A. V. C. Ramos


Several meteorological centers are investigating methods on how to use the new information retrieved from spaceborn Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) measurements in order to improve the wave forecasting. With this picture in mind,
and focusing mainly on the problem of the full directional spectrum, the theory of wave data assimilation techniques is reviewed. The present work aims as well to describe in some detail the three techniques used so far in the assimilation of the two dimensional spectrum, that is the Optimal Interpolation Scheme, the Adjoint Technique and the Green’s Function Method.


Assimilation of the two dimensional wave spectrum; Synthetic; Aperture Radar (SAR); WAM Wave Model.

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