Morphological, electrical and optical properties of Si-doped GaAs grown by MBE on GaAs non-(100)-oriented substrates

Pedro Pablo González Borrero, M. V. Alves, E. Marega Júnior


The incorporation and amphoteric behavior of Si has been investigated in molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) GaAs samples grown on (311)A, (211)A and (111)A substrates at different growth conditions. Hall effect measurements have revealed that the doping changes from p- to n-type when the V4/III flux ratio is increased and the growth temperature is

decreased. The transition flux ratio is lower for the (211)A than for the (311)A surfaces. Photoluminescence measurements have shown that, when the V4/III flux ratio is increased or the growth temperature is decreased, arsenic vacancy defects are changed into pairs of Ga vacancy and Ga antisite defects. These results are explained by considering the kinetics of the MBE growth process and the orientation dependence of the surface bonding.


GaAs dopado com Si; propriedades ́opticas do GaAs dopado com Si; subs-tratos de GaAs não orientados na direção (100).

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