Yield and physicochemical characteristics of grapes from vines treated with extract of Ecklonia maxima

Renato Vasconcelos Botelho, Carine Rusin, Giuseppe Tumbarello, Adamo Domenico Rombolà


This trial aimed to evaluate the effects of Ecklonia maxima extract (Kelpak®) on yield and physicochemical characteristics of the clusters from wine grapevines. The treatments consisted of different doses of the commercial product Kelpak®, concentrate prepared of seaweed Ecklonia maxima, rich in natural auxins, as follow: T1 – Water, T2 – Extract of Ecklonia maxima – 2.5 L ha-1, T3 – Extract of Ecklonia maxima – 3.75 L ha-1,  applied with a hand sprayer with a volume about 170 mL per plant, equivalent to 900 L ha-1. The following variables were evaluated: weight of clusters, number of clusters per plant, number of berries per cluster, weight of berries, width and length of the clusters, soluble solids content, pH and trititable acidity. The physiological disorders in clusters were visually evaluated as follow: cracking, dehydration, shot berries and cluster compactness. For the grapevines cv. Merlot, the application of Kelpak at 2.5 L ha-1 increased the length of clusters and decreased the occurrence of shot berries, compared to the treatment with 3.5 L ha-1, but without differences in relation to the control with water. For the cv. Cabernet Sauvignon there was an increase in cluster compactness and reduction of berries dehydration for the incidence between 0-5% of the berries for the treatment with 2.5 L ha-1 of Ecklonia maxima extract, differing from the control. Considering the results, the use of Ecklonia maxima has a potential to increase grapes quality, and new researches should be carried out to improve its performance in commercial vineyards.


Auxins, Physiological disorders, Seaweed extracts.

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