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The Applied Research & Agrotechnology has quarterly basis periodicy and is linked to the Center for Agricultural Technology (NATA-PR) and the Department of Agronomy at the Universidade do Centro Oeste do Paraná - UNICENTRO.

The policy considers on the first moment that the article must meet the requirements of the journal regarding the maximum number of authors, formatting of text and graphical elements and presentation of bibliography. If verified discontinuities the article returns to the author for correction prior. Met the basic requirements, the article will be sent for review of a pair of ad hoc reviewers of expertise in the area of knowledge related to the research topic, and may be approved or be directly suggested fixes. In case of disapproval by one of these will be required the evaluation of a third reviewer, prevailing his suggestion as the most important criterion to be considered by the Editorial Board in the decision to maintain or exclusion of this article for publication process.The approved articles will be translated in full into English and abstract in Spanish, or as needed, according to the language of the original text. The journal provides a review of basic writing in Portuguese, but the quality of the writing and grammar are the responsibility of the author. The order for publication of articles considers the timing of approvals and also the distribution of themes in the areas of publishing. The Agrotechnology & Applied Research Magazine is published with printed ISSN 1983-6325 and electronically e-ISSN 1984-7548. Are not provided separated prints to the authors. The articles should be submitted for publication exclusively by Applied Research & Agrotechnology.

"Currently the translation of articles accepted for publication in Applied Research & Agrotechnology is made by the own periodic and has no costs to the authors”.

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Applied Research & Agrotechnology


We are pleased to provide the reader, an open and free view of all content of the Journal of Applied Technology in Agricultural Sciences, or briefly, the Applied Research & Agrotechnology. We hope to be offering not only a new journal, but also a dynamic space for the interaction of science, research and its interrelationships with the practical application of knowledge. As big as the importance of the publishing of articles is our commitment and desire to offer a modern and dynamic magazine, for which endeavor all efforts aimed at building and maintaining a name that stands for reliability, dynamism and effective contribution to the science and technology in the field of Agricultural Sciences.

Through a modern format and editing either in the idioms of Portuguese and English and a full-text and abstract in Spanish, we seek to promote an easier circulation and interaction with the national and international scientific approach with researchers and institutions from different parts of the world. The Applied Research & Agrotechnology constitutes in a new alternative for publications in the lines of Precision Agriculture, Mechanization and Agricultural Machinery, Storage of Agricultural Products, Agricultural Aviation, Agricultural Climatology and Meteorology, Energy and Rural Construction, Soil Physics, and Geoprocessing topography, Water Resources, Systems in Hydraulics and Irrigation, Agricultural Production Technology and Forestry.

The foundation of this journal is based on the tradition of the Universidade Estadual do Centro Oeste and in the spirit of production and scientific contributions from researchers in the field of Agricultural Sciences. The solidification is complemented through a representative Editorial Board and Acting Editorial Board, which counts on the support of the Scientific Committees and Reviewers, “Ad Hoc",composed of distinguished colleagues from different institutions, who kindly accepted the task of facilitating the ongoing construction and solidification of this magazine.

We would like to celebrate each release of a new number, remembering those who have dedicated their lives to science, such as Albert Einstein, who in his autobiography that describes ... "The curiosity of research is like a delicate plant which more than stimulus, needs freedom, and, if deprived of it, gets weaker, and dies. We hope that researchers in the field of Agricultural Sciences always feel encouraged to act in a system where the scientific search is accompanied by the responsible scientific freedom due to research and disseminate knowledge. We aim that the main result of this process is the affirmation of a future scientific and technologically developed, and at the same time, balanced and sustainable, where information is not seen as a form of power, but rather as a tool for establishing greater equality among people.

We invite all researchers and the research community of Agricultural Sciences to be part of the Applied Research & Agrotechnology, through the dissemination of research results, access to new information, the participation of the accessors committees with the own interaction with the editorial board. Thanks to all who contribute to make possible the steady growth of this journal and wish that the Brazilian Journal of Applied Technology in Agricultural Sciences is perpetuated in a lifetime of fruitful collaboration with the scientific diffusion and interaction with their applications for building a world increasingly better for everyone.


Editorial Board:

Sidnei Osmar Jadoski– President Editor

Univ. Estadual do Centro Oeste – UNICENTRO


Marcio Furlan Maggi: Vice President Editor

Univ. Estadual do Oeste do Paraná – UNIOESTE




Adenilsom dos Santos Lima

Alcir José Modolo–UTFPRUniv. Tecnológica Federal do Paraná

Aline Marques Genú

Antonio Ricardo S. de Andrade–UFRPE Univ. Federal Rural Pernambuco

Everton Hillig

Claudir José Basso-UFSMUniv. Federal de Santa Maria

Luciano Farinha Watzlawick

Edson Luis Piroli–UNESPUniv. Estadual Paulista

Luis Gilberto Bertotti

Fernanda Leite Ribeiro–UEL Univ. Estadual de Londrina

Marcelo Cruz Mendes

Francisco Faggion- UNB Univ. de Brasília

Marcos Ventura Faria

Ildon Rodrigues do Nascimento–UFTUniv. Federal do Tocantins

Mikael Neumann

Marcos Henrique dias da Silveira–UFMTUniv. Federal do Mato Grosso

Sebastião Brasil C. Lustosa

Maryzélia Furtado de Farias–UFMAUniv. Federal do Maranhão


Mirta Terezinha Petry-UFSM Univ. Federal de Santa Maria


Patricia Angélica Alves Marques–USPUniv. de São Paulo/Esalq


Rivanildo Dallacort–UNEMATUniv. do Estado de Mato Grosso


Rodrigo Lilla Manzione–UNESP Univ. Estadual Paulista


Selma Regina Aranha Ribeiro–UEPGUniv. Estadual de Ponta Grossa


Direction of Diagramming: Adriano Suchoronczeck

Direction of Translation in English: Bryan Dall Pozzo



Scientific Fields:

  • Agriculture of Precision
  • Mechanization and Agricultural Machinery
  • Storage of Agricultural products
  • Farm-Aviation
  • Agricultural Climatology and Meteorology
  • Energy and Rural Buildings
  • Physics of Soil
  • Geoprocessing and topography
  • Water Resources
  • Systems in Hydraulic and Irrigation
  • Technology for Agricultural Production and Forest

Vol 7, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Hydrography update and study of the permanent preservation areas from a remote sensing of high spatial resolution PDF
Edson Luís Piroli, Juliana Marina Zanata 7-16
Monitoring of water quality patterns in the Córrego Fundomicro basin, Ourinhos/SP and effects of the state plan of hydrographic micro basins PDF
Rita de Cássia Ferreira da Silva, Rodrigo Lilla Manzione, Jakson José Ferreira 17-27
Defoliation levels on gas exchange and composition of grape clusters cv. Italia PDF
Essione Ribeiro Souza, Valtemir Gonçalves Ribeiro, Bárbara França Dantas, José Moacir Pinheiro Lima Filho, Elizabeth Orika Ono 29-37
Performance of two cassava varieties submitted to different spacings, grown in the cerrado region PDF
Estela Guisi Bagio Zanetti, Eliane Maria Glória Cardoso, Daisy Parente Dourado, Evandro Reina, Cid Tacaoca Muraishi 39-46
Tomato production in function of sulfur doses application PDF
Maria Ligia de Souza Silva, Anderson Ricardo Trevizam, Marisa de Cássia Piccolo, Guilherme Furlan 47-54
Initial assessments on the plantation of Eucalyptus benthamii Maiden et Cambage deployed in different spacing PDF
Cristiane Carla Benin, Francielle Brandalise Wionzek, Luciano Farinha Watzlawick 55-61
Development of beggar-ticks (Bidens pilosa) in response to the application of low doses of glyphosate PDF
Ricardo de Andrade Silva 63-69
Air and liquid volumetric distribution in vertical in a hydro-pneumatic sprayer PDF
Cleyton Batista de Alvarenga, Mauri Martins Teixeira, Sérgio Zolnier, Robson Shigueaki Sasaki, Paula Cristina Natalino Rinaldi 71-79
Probiotic (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) effect on carcass characteristics and non-integrant components of Holsteinbull calves in feedlot PDF
Mikael Neumann, Robson Kyoshi Ueno, Guilherme Fernando Mattos Leão, Danúbia Nogueira Figueira, Cecília Aparecida Spada 81-87
Allelopathic influence of maize crop residues on the development of maize and bean plants PDF
Raquel Marin, Claudia Tatiana Araujo da Cruz-Silva, Edimar Paulo Gonçalvez, Clair Aparecida VIECELLI 89-95
Estimate of the gene flow between transgenic and non transgenic soybean cultivars PDF
Elisa Lemes, Antonio Barros, Silmar Peske, lilian Tunes, Otávio Levien, Lizandro tavares 97-102
Influence of different phosphorus sources on fertilization efficiency PDF
FERNANDO DUBOU HANSEL, Telmo Jorge Carneiro Amado, Rafael Pivotto Bortolotto, Brian Santos Trindade, Dâmaris Sulzbach Santos Hansel 103-111
Main technologiesavailable for biogas purification PDF
Paulo André Cremonez, Armin Feiden, Eduardo de Rossi, Willian Cézar Nadaleti, Jhonatas Antonelli 113-119

ISSN: 1984-7548